Most beautiful little island we’ve been on? Leebong Sand island is a dream. Can’t wait to share the Belitung videos with you all!🇮🇩

Leebong Island is located in the southwest of the island of Belitung. Leebong is 37 hectares island, located 3 kilometers from the mainland of Belitung island. Just 1 hour flight from Jakarta, the island is known as one of the amazing islands with its natural beauty. The island is surrounded by a vast expanse of white sand bank. The unique natural tropical forest richness with unique simpor leaves, combined with mangrove make this island so wonderful. The design of a natural beach house with a blend of teak wood and “alang-alang” roof reflects traditional Indonesian architecture and is in harmony with the natural surroundings. Sea breezes and the sound of the waves give calm and the exotic atmosphere typical of the beach. Immerse yourself in the mother nature of Leebong island, where the sea water is rippling gently towards the gleaming sands, no heaving waves to be seen. Explore the unique encounter during low tide where sand islands emerge in the middle of the sea exposing the marine life underneath, starfish laying around , crabs crawling away, etc. Also, experience the moment of peace and serenity of the night, swimming or paddling under the stars. Create your unforgettable memory at Leebong island, life at ease with amazing nature.

capture by rhettandclaire /ukiebungin

Informasi Penting
Harga /Pax 5.250.000 Harga /Couple 8.750.000 Include : Capacity max 2 Pax, Boat Pulang Pergi Tanjung Ruu Leebong PP ,1x BBQ Dinner ,2 x Breakfast,Free Kayak, Stand Paddle,Sepeda, dan fasilitas olah raga, Tour Mangrove dan Pulau Pasir, Akomodasi 2 malam. Exclude : Photographer,Photo Properties,Penambahan menu makanan di luar paket,Oleh-oleh dan pengeluaran pribadi (ex : laundry, minibar, room services meal) Tip driver, guide, boat guide
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