Chicas villa is the very first villa on Leebong Island. It was made from high quality wood with nature culture touch. It was designed to bring nature atmosphere, relieve, pleasure, and calmness to you.

This very first villa on Leebong Island has 2 rooms, one room at the 1st floor and one room at the 2nd floor. Each rooms has capacity for 2 people. It has a straight view to the beautiful clear sea, very near to the restaurant and also very near to the children playground.

Chicas villa is facilitated with Air Conditioner on each rooms. Queen size bed on each rooms for your comfort. Table and chairs for family gathering.

Informasi Penting
− Capacity max 4 pax − Boat − 1x BBQ Dinner − 1x Breakfast − Free Kayak, Stand Paddle,Sepeda, dan fasilitas olahraga − Tour Mangrove dan Pulau Pasir − Akomodasi 1 malam
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